Advice To Make Your Thick Toenails Thin

A very common question asked these days is ‘can I make my thick toenails thin?’ We are here to offer you the proper guidelines as to how to make thick toenails thin and how to maintain healthy nails. Even avoiding the occurrence of thick toenails is possible when preventive measures are taken before the condition worsens.

Thickening of toenails is closely related to our age, as we grow the toenails turn thick naturally. However, if we remain vigilant enough to prevent thick toenails while we are younger, then we can avoid this hideous condition. Fungal infections and injuries top the list of causes of thick toenails.

If the thick toenail is caused by a fungal infection the toenail will change color to a yellow or brown. If a fungal condition exists there will be some discharge of pus will occur along with a foul smell. This fungal condition is most often seen in runners and soccer players. Because of the stress being placed on their feet the nails become damaged and loose

The first toenail to be most affected by this condition is the big toenail. Another factor contributing to thick toenails is running or walking downhill. Thick toenails is not a condition considered to be harmful, but it does make trimming them very awkward. So to answer the question asked at the beginning of the article: yes, thick toenails can be made thin.

It is possible to make the toenails thinner by filing and trimming them in the proper manner. Files and emery boards are the most common tools used to perform these functions. If you find that your attempts are unsuccessful, there is always the podiatrist to professionally treat your toenails.

While this is a simple procedure that can be done at home, anyone who is suffering from circulation problems or diabetes should speak to their medical worker before doing any trimming of their toenails. Circulation problems can cause you to harm your feet when trimming as the sensations are lessened due to the illness.

A good method for making the toenails softer for trimming is to soak the feet in warm water with lemon juice added for about ten minutes. Immediately after removing the feet from the water, trim the toenails with nail clippers and file the edges to remove any sharp edges. Nails should be trimmed in small pieces to prevent any splitting. Start at the corner when trimming and cut straight across.

Thick toenails can be prevented by always observing the nails for signs and symptoms of predisposing conditions like fungal infection, causing thickening. Moreover, proper foot care and regular trimming and filing of nails can prevent thick toenails.

Elizabeth writes on all types of medical issues from bunions treatment to the treatment of a black toenail. Take a look and check out what she has to say.

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